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The light present in Indian ink

What is
Feeling Arts?

The FEELINGARTS is an avant-garde art created by modern artist Yoshihiro KITAMURA who used his unique sensitivity and techniques. FEELINGARTS comes from the fusion of paint, light and music. Themes such as "the Earth", "the Universe", "life" and "the celestial world" are expressed in the form of abstract paintings on large canvases with India ink, earth and gold acrylic paint.


Through play of light and enchanting music played on a wide variety of instruments, ranging from synthesizer to symphony orchestra to traditional Japanese and Chinese instruments, the artist invites the audience into a fantastical world of beauty. . The images ring with the psyche of each viewer to take them on a unique experience.


KITAMURA's performance is a sensory art that opens a dialogue between paint, light, sound and the spirit of each member of the public. As such, his art effectively helps people purify their minds and is now attracting the attention of scholars in the field of medicine and social sciences.

Yukari kitamura



Since my adolescence, I have volunteered several times in homes for children, adolescents, retirees, disabled people in Nepal, the Philippines, Mongolia and of course in Japan. I have also volunteered in Mother Teresa houses (Palliative Care Homes) in India. I have already lived in five other countries.

I studied psychology for six years in college and have a degree in psychology and a degree in babysitting.

I worked in a crèche and I am authorized to work with children.

I practiced meditation at various Buddhist temples and volunteered to help clear debris from the March 2011 Great Japan Earthquake. I have been working on FEELINGARTS in France since 2019.

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