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About yoshihiro kitamura

Yoshihiro Kitamura Profile and Activities on "Feeling Arts"

Yoshihiro Kitamura graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, at Osaka University of the Arts. After concentrating on his creative activities, he completed the "Feeling Arts" and began to perform it in 1980.


Developing the "Feeling Arts" as a form of art, he has widely been performing it regardless of whether in the context of art, medical care, or welfare at various sites such as medical institutions including hospices, welfare and educational facilities, and temporary housing units built after the Great Hanshin Earthquake as well as medical and environmental symposiums, academic meetings and seminars in the domestic and international scenes.

In 2001, he established the "Feeling Arts Academy" with Takayuki Yoshioka, PhD for its research and social contributions.He encountered Shigeaki Hinohara, MD (the First Chair, the Board of Trustees, the Japanese Music Therapy Association) in the Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Hospice and Home-Care, 2001. In 2002, he was invited to the Program in Integrative Medicine, at the University of Arizona, for his presentation of the "Feeling Arts" by Andrew Weil, MD, who was worldwide noted as a doctor of integrative medicine. Dr. Hinohara and Dr. Weil highly appreciated the "Feeling Arts" and were invited as Advisors of Feeling Arts Academy. "

Feeling Arts" was presented to the athletes as well as visitors in general at the site of the Special Olympics 2005 in Japan as a part of its art program. In that the workshop using our newly-developed "Feeling Arts" Interactive Art System was held and was highly-praised. (* Special Olympics is an Olympic for the mentally challenged people.)

Future of "Feeling Arts"

From the beginning of 2004, the "Feeling Arts" team started a new project called "Three thousand performances" aiming at attaining the goal of visiting 3000 places. The team is actively continuing their grassroots activities both at home and abroad in the areas of medicine, social services, education and others. They are planning to focus their overseas activities mainly on Asian and African countries.
(Activities reached 1000 times in January 2014.)
(Activities reached 1600 times in July 2018.)


"I hope that "Feeling Arts" will lead me to all kinds of people around the world and that, together with them, I will keep on painting to produce 'life,' and 'light (hope)." (Yoshihiro Kitamura)

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